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Listen to Radio on Phone For Free [Without Internet]

Smartphones have hidden functions that sometimes need to be turned on before you can use them. FM radio is one of those functions that some smartphones can access even without a internet connection.

In this article, you can find out different ways to listen to radio on Phone for free with online apps and without internet also.

So how do you want to listen to the radio on your iPhone or Android?

Listen Without Internet Connection: on Android and iPhone

Listen to FM Radio With Internet Connection: on iPhone | on Android Phones

How to Listen to Radio on the Phone Without Internet?

Installing the NextRadio app on an Android or iOS phone with a built-in FM radio chip lets users listen to the radio without the internet. Here are a few steps to get the free radio on your phone:

#1. A phone equipped with an FM radio chip: Almost all phones have this feature, but you must enable the FM on your phone.

#2. Wired Headphones or Wired EarPhones: FM radio on phones only works with an antenna. The earphones’ cords will work as the antenna.

#3. An FM radio app: You will need to install the “NextRadio Free Live FM Radio” app from the Play Store. It is available only for Android at the moment.

The rest of the article focuses on how you can listen to the radio on your iPhone or Android phone.

Listening to the Radio on iPhone

iPhone users can listen to free FM radio online by using the Tunein Radio or MyTuner iOS Apps. Another way is to simply ask Siri to play radio stations by name or You can search for stations by broadcast name, call sign, or frequency.

A few different ways you can access FM radio with your iPhone are:

#1. Applications

Third-party apps on the App Store is the easiest way to listen radio on iPhone. Many applications in the app store will get you access to FM radio.You can download apps like Simple Radio or check these top 5 iPhone Apps to listen FM Radio. The only downside to this route is that you might need access to the internet before you can get them. Also, if you are in an area with low service or a bad signal, you might need help downloading them.

#2. Radio

If you have an iPhone, chances are you have the Apple Music or iTunes app. After opening the app, you should look for the Radio section. There will be a listing of all the stations that Apple provides. Choose one, and you are off to the races.

#3. Search

Using the search bar on your iPhone’s home screen is one of the quickest ways to get to the FM radio. By searching for the radio station or simply typing “FM radio,” you will get results from the web and a few from the app store.

Best Apps to Listen Radio on iPhone

You can use any one of the following apps on your iPhone or iPad to listen to the radio anywhere in the US.

  1. TuneIn Radio: News & Music App
  2. Simple Radio – Listen to Music, Sports & News Stations
  3. Radio FM & AM – listen online to live radio
  4. FM Radio App – Local stations tuner
  5. myTuner Radio – AM, FM, Internet: Online Tuner

You can listen to radio online on your computer as well. Here are the best free Internet radio stations picked by SaveNetRadio.

Apple has some fantastic products, and its iPhone is at the top of its money-making list. It has several exciting uses, and people need to realize that they can access FM radio in several ways. Do some exploring on the home screen to find your “Search bar” or find the link to the app store.

The iPhone is handy. FM radio will give you local radio updates or allow you to listen to your hometown station from wherever you are. The iPhone is great about providing access to local stations and their streaming radio. The FM function for apps could depend on the internet. Beware of areas with little or no service.

Listen to Radio on iPhone or Android Phone

Listening to the Online Radio on Android Phones

The Android phone is every bit as functional and helpful as the iPhone. It can also receive the same FM stations as the iPhone and may even include a link to the radio on the home screen. Check around the screens on your phone and swipe until you are comfortable with where everything is located.

Here are a few ways that you can listen to the radio on your Android:

  • Next Radio – Applications are one of the best ways to get FM radio on your Android phone. Next Radio is one of the best apps for getting local radio stations to stream on your phone. It might not have the support it once did, but the application still works as well as it did ten or twelve years ago.
  • Phone Type: Depending on your type of Android phone, you could have a built-in FM receiver. For example, some models of Samsung and Motorola phones have these FM apps built into the Android hardware. Search your phone type, and you will find the location and steps to unlock the FM receiver.

Android provides a couple of different ways to get an FM signal. Most of these devices don’t need to be connected to the internet, and if you already have an app or the FM receiver unlocked, you can get the signal with just one click. Remember to open the FM option with several clicks and different menus. Expect a lengthy search for older models of phones.

Can we listen to FM Radio on Phone Without Internet?

We can listen to FM radio on phone without the Internet. Almost all phones in this era come with an in-built FM radio chip, so you can turn it on your phone and listen to the radio using any FM radio app available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


Listening to the radio on your iPhone or Android phone could require scrolling through the app store or browsing your phone’s settings. However, don’t be intimidated by technology. Anything can be fixed, or you can accept the new norm of your phone’s functionality. So read on and learn how to listen to the radio on your iPhone or Android phone.

Music on your iPhone or Android is frequently streamed or selected. FM radio applications can be added to your phone, allowing you to listen to local radio and even choose live radio from across the country. Depending on your type of phone, there are even ways to listen straight from the home screen.

If you do not have internet access, getting an FM application could be out of the question. However, there are Android phones that come with an FM application that could be hidden in the menus. Research your phone model and type to discover how it works and what makes it stream your beloved FM radio. 


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