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How to Listen to the Super Bowl on the Radio?

Listen to the Super Bowl on the Radio

As one of the biggest sporting events in the world, the Super Bowl is regularly watched by millions of people each year. Though most people may think of the Super Bowl as a televised event, you may be wondering how to tune into this exciting championship game on your radio.

Listen to the Super Bowl on the Radio

The Super Bowl game can often be listened to on the radio either through various sports broadcasting services or apps or by tuning in to local radio stations affiliated with the NFL that will broadcast the event.

Here is the list of Radio channels where you can listen to the NFL broadcast.

You can listen to the NFL Super Bowl in the United States in English on Westwood One Sports affiliate stations and in Spanish on Entravision stations.

Super Bowl Fans in Canada can listen to the live NFL broadcast by tuning in to TSN Radio – Toronto, Edmonton, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver.

In the United Kingdom, tune in to BBC 5 Live.

Fans Can also listen to the Radio broadcast via Online Radio stations like Tunein. But, TuneIn Radio broadcasts the Super Bowl games through its “premium” subscription service.

Because it is one of the most popular televised events, many do not think of it as something they can listen to on the radio. However, this is not the case. Keep reading to learn more about how you can listen to the Super Bowl game on the radio and the types of car stereos you can use to listen to the Super Bowl.

Football enthusiasts worldwide look forward to this championship game all year long. Though this game is typically broadcast on television, there are also many ways you can listen to the Super Bowl on the radio. The following sections will discuss your options for tuning into the Super Bowl.

Download A Sports Radio App

There’s an app for everything in the digital age, and this is especially true for sports. Many popular sports radio apps broadcast games and matches across all sports. Several focus on football and can connect you with the Super Bowl.

The most popular apps for listening to the Super Bowl are as follows:

  • Sirius XM Satellite RadioTuneIn Radio
  • NFL Game Pass
  • NFL App

Several of these apps may require subscription services. If you are on a budget, it is best to investigate whether you can listen to the Super Bowl for free before downloading the app.

How to Find a Super Bowl Radio Station Near Me?

Several stations will often broadcast the game for those who prefer to listen to the Super Bowl on local radio. Some of the best strategies for finding the Super Bowl game include the following:

  • Check with your local sports stations: Many local sports stations will have a schedule available on the web or in a guide that tells of their upcoming broadcasts. You can see if the game will be broadcasted by checking in this way. Remember that NFL-affiliate stations that typically play NFL games are most likely to broadcast the Super Bowl.
  • Use a station finder: Many online radio station finders can help locate where the Super Bowl will be broadcasted in your given area. This is especially useful if you will be traveling, as you can type in where you wish to go and then see the results for stations that will feature the Super Bowl.
  • Use the scan function: Many radios have a scan feature, especially in car stereos. If you are driving when the Super Bowl is happening, you can use the scan function to surf through radio stations. You can stop on this station when you hear the one playing the Super Bowl.

Local radio stations are still extremely popular around the country, and you are likely to find one near you that is broadcasting the Super Bowl.

If you are tuning into the Super Bowl on your car radio, you may have some questions about the best type of car radio. You may have encountered “Double-DIN” either about your own car or through related searches.

What is Double-DIN Radio?

A Double-DIN radio is a common type of stereo known to produce good quality sound and give you access to a variety of local stations. DIN refers to the size of the radio, and a Double-DIN is known to be a large car stereo. Many people use their Double-DIN radios to listen to the Super Bowl each year.

Double-DIN vs. Single-DIN Radios

Double-DIN stereos are often put into comparison with their Single-DIN counterparts. Though they are similar, there are some notable differences between the two types of stereos:

  • Height: A Double-DIN has a height of 4 inches, whereas a Single-DIN has a height of 2 inches. Both have a length of 7 inches.
  • Touchscreen: A Double-DIN is larger and more likely to have a touchscreen. On the other hand, Single-DIN stereos are often controlled through standard buttons.
  • Features: Though both Double-DIN and Single-DIN stereos will play sound very well and give you access to local stations, a Double-DIN radio is more likely to have upgraded features such as a touch screen.
  • Price: A Double-DIN radio is often more expensive than a Single-DIN

Some cars will only be compatible with one type of stereo, while others will be compatible with both. If you are considering getting a new stereo installed so you can listen to the Super Bowl game, talk to your car manufacturer or a local mechanic to see if your car will be compatible with both.

It is worth noting that you can listen to the Super Bowl game regardless of which option you choose. Single-DIN and Double-DIN radios give you access to various channels, including popular sports stations.


The Super Bowl is one of the year’s most exciting events, and you will not want to miss it. Whether you are away from your television or just prefer another way of tuning in, there are many reasons to listen to this event on the radio rather than watching it.

You can listen through various radio apps or on a local station. If you are listening in your car, you want to ensure your car stereo is up-to-date and ready for listening. This means you might have to buy a new stereo, carefully considering different options. This way, you will not have to miss a second game.


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