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Shortwave Radio Station Frequencies List [USA & Europe]

The demand for shortwave radio frequencies has plummeted over the rise of the internet.

However, some stations still operate, and even a lively cult of SW radio enthusiasts are always open to sharing low-key frequencies and will even give you an on-air call-out.

So what are some shortwave radio frequencies and shortwave radio stations?

Shortwave is a hobby these days. Some people can reflect their band to places beyond the horizon, giving them a sense of the larger world and could be a light in a lonely and dark existence. Read on and learn all you need to know about shortwave radio frequencies and radio stations.

Shortwave Radio Frequencies and What They Do

Shortwave radio isn’t as popular as it was back in the days before cell phones and the internet. There is still a massive community worldwide who are into SW radio, but the uses can vary from coverage of religious services to outright state-sponsored propaganda. 

Knowing where to get what you are listening for is half the challenge with Shortwave stations.

A few things you might find on shortwave radio frequencies are:

  • Religious Services – While the SW frequencies are not the same as AM/FM, they will have things like religious services broadcast on the air. So, for example, if you are a practicing Muslim, you can find prayers from Mecca or a famous mosque located in an exotic locale worldwide.
  • Travel Information – If you plan to travel, having a good SW station loaded with travel info from the area is a fantastic way to avoid problems and discover what the locals are doing.
  • Utility Alerts – There are frequencies set aside for ships at sea to pass along warnings and other utility information. These frequencies are essential to ship captains, who must know if there are obstructions in the shipping lanes or a rough patch of weather in the area.

Shortwave has several different options on the dial. The fact that stations can be found .025 increments apart gives them the ability to have several different program types ranging from informational to educational.

Shortwave Radio Frequency Range Across the Dial

First off, you aren’t going to be able to find stations as easily on SW as on the AM/FM radio. This is because they populate the low end of the radio wave spectrum and take specialized equipment to listen. So if you are planning on spinning the dial and landing on a station that operates 24/7, you could be out of luck. 

Stations are placed in order by the wavelength they populate. You can move up the dial, like on the AM/FM, but it does not give you the same stereo quality but a wide range. You can pick up stations across the horizon, whereas radio and TV stations must work on a line of sight operating standards. That means the antenna must be in sight of the station to transmit.

Some reasons you can’t spin the dial and find a shortwave station in operation are:

  • Functionality – Some shortwave stations don’t function around the clock. We are so used to the radio in our cars, always having programming, that we might not understand how shortwave stations work. For example, their station could be for information or religious service that only goes live when they are in session.
  • Location – The station could be out of service because the area is remote. If a station or radio is in a place that takes a while to get to or is only manned at certain times, it could be dead air. These location stations usually report weather or obstructions in the ocean.
  • Time Zone – Being in a different time zone from the program could lead you to a station with no broadcast. That means the station could be highly active; you are just tuning in at the wrong time.

Shortwave stations are also going to be run up in small increments. The increments will depend on which type of radio you are using, but most will go up in .005 segments. This is good because it allows you to dive into the SW radio world and see how much is out there to experience and enjoy.

Shortwave Radio Station Frequencies List

List of ShortWave Radio Stations

If you are looking for good entertainment or information on the shortwave dial, the best thing to do is to know where to look. It sounds like a no-brainer, but some folks will plod along one segment at a time until they find something they understand or enjoy.

Remember that time is crucial for some of these locations. Times will be added to the shortwave segment to allow people to enjoy the programming on the station better. Keep a list saved in your favorites file or written down by your radio for a reminder.

Shortwave Radio Station Frequencies in USA

Here’s the list of all Shortwave radio broadcasters owned by the USA government.

NameFrequencies (Khz)Topic
Voice of America4930, 4960, 5960, 6080, 6105, 6110, 7125, 7175, 7205, 7405, 9645, 9760, 9785, 9885, 11655, 11885, 11890, 11975, 12015, 12150, 13600, 13640, 13710, 13735, 13755, 15150, 15185, 15205, 15290, 15445, 15580, 17640, 17715, 17730, 17895Worldwide news service
RFEL7345Europe and Asia
Radio Free Asia17640Asia
Radio Sawa1548Middle East
Radio Farda17830
Radio Martí7345Cuba
WWV/WWVH10000,15000Military News
Adventist World Radio5010Christian Missionary
Alt Universe Top 406070,9670SCORCHED EARTH MUSIC SHOW
KVOH9975Voice of Hope
Supreme Master TV9395Peace
Texas R Shortwave5950Music
Uncle Bills Melting PotWBCQ 7490, 6070Comedy & Music
WBCQ The Planet7490,9330Free speech
WINB9265Gospel of Jesus Christ
World’s Last Chance R3265,6160,7490,9330Talk Show
WRNO Worldwide7505,15420Religious
Family Radio5010,9455Religious
US Shortwave Radio Stations List and

A few of the most popular stations on shortwave radio are:

  • Vatican Radio – One of the most listened to stations is from the Mass in the Vatican. It is located at 9.64 frequency between 440 and 500 PM central time. The masses are a comfort to those who are lucky enough to hear them.
  • Radio France – Found between 1:00 PM and 11:59 PM, the sounds of Radio France are located at 3.695. They have a mix of music and news programs that entertain and give an insight into what is happening in and around the country. 
  • Voice of America – One of the most popular American stations is the Voice of America. It airs at different times on different frequencies.

Europe Shortwave Radio Station Frequencies

Frequency (KHz)Station NameBroadcasting Language
3965Radio France Internationale (DRM)French (Digital)
39756160 Shortwave AM RadioEnglish
3985SRF Schweizer RadioGerman
3995HCJB DeutschGerman
4026Laser Hot HitsEnglish
4996RWM Etalon VremeniRussian
5000IAM Segnale OrarioItalian
5140Charleston Radio InternationalEnglish
5825Radio OZ-ViolaDanish
5830Dneprovskaya VolnaUkrainian
5840World Music RadioDanish
5900BIBLE VOICE BCN/ Radio Dardasha7Arabic
5910Interradio RomaniaMacedonian
5905Deutscher WetterdienstGerman
5920HCJB DeutschGerman
5940Interradio Romania (DRM)Russian
5970China Radio InternationalGerman
5980Scandinavian Weekend RadioFinnish
6000Radio Rossii AdygeyaRussian
6005Schweizer Radio SRFGerman
6030Interradio Romania (DRM)Russian
6070Radio Channel 292German, Dutch, English
6085Radio MiAmigoEnglish
6090Caribbean Beacon (University Network)English
6150Radio MarabuGerman
6150Europa 24German
61606160 AM Shortwave RadioEnglish
6170Interradio RomaniaEnglish
6170Scandinavian Weekend RadioFinnish
6170Radio OndaPortuguese-English
6175Radio France InternationaleFrench
6180Deutscher WetterdienstGerman
6205Laser Hot HitsEnglish
6990Radio VoronezhRussian
7285China Radio InternationalRomanian
7330Radio JoystickEnglish
7360Interradio RomaniaRussian
7365HCJB DeutschGerman
7375Interradio RomaniaRomanian
7390Interradio RomaniaRussian
7395Interradio RomaniaRomanian
7450ERT3 102FMGreek
9420ERA I Foni tis ElladasGreek
950Interradio RomaniaRomanian
9565China Radio InternationalTurkish
9580Interradio RomaniaRussian
9600Interradio RomaniaSpanish
9640VATICAN RADIOUkrainian
9645VATICAN RADIOUkrainian
9935ERA I Foni tis Elladas/ERT3 102 FMGreek
9996RWM Etalon VremeniRussian
11530Voice of Welt (Radyo Denge Welat)Kurdish
11645ERA I Foni tis ElladasGreek
11650Interradio RomaniaFrench
11700VATICAN RADIOUkrainian
11740VATICAN RADIOUkrainian
11920China Radio InternationalFrench
11955World Adventist RadioTurkish
11980Dniprovska KhvilyaUkrainian
12005Radio FardaPersian
12160TWR IndiaPanjabi
13690Radio France InternationaleHausa
13740Interradio RomaniaRussian
13790Interradio RomaniaFrench
13800Golos AndRussian
14996RWM Etalon VremeniRussian
15130Interradio RomaniaFrench
15220Interradio Romania (Digital)Chinese
15390Radio Exterior de EspanaSpanish
15520Radio Exterior de EspanaSpanish
15785bit eXpressGerman
17605Adventist World RadioAfar
17620Radio France InternationaleFrench
17640Radio Free AsiaTibetan
17670Interradio RomaniaEnglish
17715Radio Exterior de EspanaSpanish
17750Interradio RomaniaRomanian, Curierul romances
17770Radio Xoriyo OgadenSomali
17830Radio FardaPersian
17855Radio Exterior de EspanaSpanish
21490Interradio RomaniaEnglish
21500Interradio RomaniaEnglish
21580Radio France InternationaleFrench
21620Radio Exterior de EspanaSpanish
21690Radio France InternationaleFrench
25000MIKES AikamerkkiFinnish
26060Railway Roma (DRM)Italian (Digital)
Europe’s Shortwave Radio Stations and their Frequencies List

Private Shortwave Broadcasters in US

Here’s the list of all Shortwave radio broadcasters operated by private broadcasters in the US.

KNLS – World Christian Broadcasting – Anchor Point, Alaska
KSDA – Adventist World Radio – Agat, Guam
KTWR – Trans World Radio – Agana, Guam
KVOH – “Voice of Hope” – Rancho Simi, California
WBCQ – “The Planet” – Monticello, Maine
WEWN – “Eternal Word Network” – Irondale, Alabama
WHRI – “World Harvest Radio International” – Furman, South Carolina
WINB – “World International Broadcasting” – Red Lion, Pennsylvania
WJHR – Milton, Florida (unique for broadcasting in Upper Side Band modulation)
WMLK – Assemblies of Yahweh – Bethel, Pennsylvania
WRMI – “Radio Miami International” – Okeechobee, Florida
WTWW – “We Transmit World Wide” – Lebanon, Tennessee
WWCR – “Worldwide Christian Radio” – Nashville, Tennessee
WRNO – “” – New Orleans, Louisiana

Private Shortwave Broadcaster Radio channels in US

The stations in the States will be just like the free channels you find on your Roku or FireTV. However, they will be news-oriented and not feature too many commercials as the government or large news companies often fund them.


Shortwave radio is something that most people are not too familiar with. Shortwaves aren’t as effective as long waves, like in FM radio or TV, because the signal isn’t as reliable. However, a shortwave can be manipulated to reach much farther stations and more exciting content. 

The most popular and listened to stations are often located outside of the United States. Make sure that you find a dependable list of times and frequencies, or you could spend a long night listening to static’s warm and brilliant sound.

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