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Single DIN VS Double DIN: Differences, Pros & Cons

Differences between Single Din vs Double DIN Radio

You are considering installing a new radio in your vehicle and have the option of installing a single DIN or a double DIN radio, but you are not quite sure what that means. Understanding the differences between a single DIN and a double DIN can help you decide which will work best in your vehicle.

Single DIN VS Double DIN

The main difference between single DIN and double DIN is that a single DIN radio measures 2” x 7” and a double DIN radio measures 4” x 7”. Double DIN radios have more features than single-DIN radios, but they take up more space. For basic functions, both are comparable. However, for more advanced features such as a touch screen, a double DIN radio is usually necessary.

For a more detailed explanation of the differences between a single DIN and a double DIN radio and how to decide which is best for you, continue reading.

As briefly mentioned above, the term “DIN” has to do with the size of the radio frame.

The term DIN comes from Germany; it stands for Deutsches Institut Fur Normung. Translated into English, it means the German Institute for Standardization. This institute creates and maintains the standard measurements used for:

  • Building vehicles
  • Engineering
  • Other technical applications

Some radios are considered to be one and a half DIN, but they are generally older GM models made for specific vehicles. In this article, we will focus on single and double DIN radios.

Advantages of Single DIN VS Double DIN

Before you can decide what style you want, you should see some advantages of a single DIN radio versus a double DIN radio.

Take a look at the table below:

Advantages of a Single DIN RadioAdvantages of a Double DIN Radio
Smaller size takes up less room in the console.

Easier to install than a double DIN.

Usually less expensive than a double DIN.
Offer more controls and settings.

The larger screen is easier to view and navigate.

Touchscreen options.Better phone connection options.

More features such as a rearview camera, GPS, Bluetooth, and more.

Now, let’s take a look at the disadvantages of both.

Disadvantages of Single DIN VS Double DIN

Like all things, single DIN and double DIN have disadvantages.

See the table below to view them:

Disadvantages of a Single DIN RadioDisadvantages of a Double DIN Radio
Smaller size means it is more difficult to see and navigate the controls.

Generally do not have a touchscreen.

Not as many high-tech options for smartphones, GPS, etc.
More complicated to install, and may require a professional in some cases.

More costly than most single DIN units.

More options mean a longer learning curve for people who are not as tech-savvy.

Takes up more space in the dash console.

Now that you know the pros and cons of both, you can continue reading to find out how to decide which size DIN radio to install in your vehicle. 

How to Make a DIN Fit In Your Car?

It’s critical to know the DIN of the radio you want to install so you know if it will fit in your vehicle. It is not always easy to tell if a radio will fit in the console of your vehicle, especially in newer models. 

Oftentimes, a dash kit will be necessary to trim around the radio and make it look like it was installed at the factory rather than in your garage.

How to Know What Size Radio You Should Install? 

Knowing which size radio to install can be tricky sometimes; if you are trying to figure out what size your current radio is, the best thing to do is grab a ruler or measuring tape. 

Can You Replace a Single DIN with a Double DIN? 

By measuring the faceplate of your current radio, you can figure out if it is a single DIN or double DIN. As mentioned earlier, if your radio measures close to 2” by 7″, it is a single DIN radio. If it is closer to the 4” x 7” range, then it is a double DIN. 

You may be wondering if you can use a double DIN radio where there was once a single DIN radio. 

In most cases, the answer is yes; however, older model vehicles or super compact vehicles may be the exception. 

This is a situation where it may be best to bring the vehicle to a professional to get their opinion and see what options you have to choose from. 


Now you can see that one option is not necessarily better than the other; they are just different. Whether you opt for a single DIN or a double DIN radio is a matter of preference and sometimes of what your vehicle can accommodate. 

Either way, if you have your radio installed professionally, you can rest assured that you will be jamming in style as you ride down the highway. 



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