Top HollyWood Movies You Must Watch

There are probably countless movies which have been made over the years which have very interesting and catchy titles as well. Here is a list of movies which have ‘run’ in their title and were pretty good tv Shows and Movies.

Midnight Run

Midnight Run is a classic movie that was released in the year 1988 which starred Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin. This movie is a story of is about the quest of a bounty hunter Jack Walsh who is played by De Niro to bring an accountant who has done embezzlement of cash to the Duke Mardukas which is played by Grodin back to L.A.


It is really a task for Walsh to do the same and hence he decides to go for a ‘Midnight Run’. This movie was a hit and there were also TV Shows based on this plot after the release of this movie.

Chicken Run

The Chicken Run is an animated film that was released in the year 2000. This movie was a comedy movie and won the hearts of many people. The movie had a talented cast which included Mel Gibson, Julia Sawalha, Timothy Spall, and many others. The plot of this movie is chickens trying to escape the farm and the adventures they have along the way.


Best action and thriller movies were released in the year 1991 which starred, Patrick Dempsey and Kelly Preston. This story is about a young boy Charlie Farrow who is a Boston Law Student. He is given a delivery assignment and on the way, he comes across accidents that turn against him and he has to be on the run.

Run Fatboy Run

This movie was released in the year 2007 and was a total success at the box office. The story of this movie is very interesting and unique. This story is about an overweight guy Dennis Doyle which is portrayed by Simon Pegg. Dennis leaves his fiancée Libby who is pregnant at the altar as he gets cold feet. Five years down the line he finds out that his ex-fiancée has their son Jake and is dating a very arrogant guy named White.


Five years down the line he finds out that his ex-fiancée has their son Jake and is dating a very arrogant guy named Whit. White is taking part in the Nile River Marathon in London and Dennis decides to take a shot at it and win the marathon to prove that to Libby that he is truly sorry and can do anything to get her back.

Run Ronnie Run

This movie is a movie about Ronnie Dobbs played by David Cross. Ronnie is a criminal who is running away from the cops and his crimes get captured on video and there is a popular show on the same. This show is very popular and is enjoyed by all the people.

Ronnie is very popular and thus he launches another show known as “Ronnie Gets Arrested” which portrays Ronnie in getting arrested in different cities. This show also becomes very popular and Ronnie the criminal rises to fame. This brings about a very dramatic change in the life of Ronnie and he becomes a star.

The above mentioned are some of the best movies having ‘run’ in their title. Do watch them and experience the thrill of their ‘run’ for yourselves.