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Best Jobsite Radios of 2024 (Expert Picks)

Opinions differ! Some think of jobsite radios as a luxury. For others, it is a tool to stay focused and energized. A Jobsite radio can make tedious work interesting by pumping in some light moments. If you are looking for the best Jobsite radio, do keep in mind that a high rating is not always the right parameter to judge. You need to settle for the one that fits well into your needs and the things that you prioritize.

A good job site should be easy to carry out for work, provide incredible audio and outstanding signal strength.

Best Jobiste Radios to Buy

After testing more than 27 Jobsite radios in 2024, I can say that Bosch PB360C Power Box is the best Jobsite radio among all. Bosch PB360C Power Box gives you the maximum sound without compromising quality, but It comes with 20 pounds of weight. If you are looking for an alternative that is light and portable then the Sangean TB-100 Jobsite radio is an excellent buy. We have also picked some other best Jobsite radios to fulfill everyone’s needs.

#1. Bosch PB360C Power Box – Large and Loudest!

#2. Sangean TB-100 Digital Radio – Best Reception

#3. Makita XRM09B – Maximum Streaming Options

#4. Dewalt DWST17510 – Best TSTAK Compatibility

#5. Milwaukee 2792-20 M18 – Best Storage Space

#6. Sangean U4 – Best Sound Quality

#7. Ryobi P746 One+ – Best Warranty

#8. Makita RM02 – Best Pocket-Sized Jobsite Radio

#9. Milwaukee 2590-20 M12 – Small but Great Sound

#10. Dewalt DC012 – Great for General Use

#11. Porter-Cable PCC771B Bluetooth Radio

#12. Sangean LB-100 Ultra Rugged Compact Radio

#13. Dewalt 20V Max Bluetooth Jobsite Radio

#14. Ryobi P742 One+ Compact Radio – Average Performance

#15. Ridgid R84087 – Allows Remote Operation

Best Jobsite Radios

Without any further ado, let’s get in to the detailed review of each one of these Jobsite radios.

#1. Bosch PB360C Power Box – Large and Loudest!

Bosch PB360C Jobsite radio Power Box

Bosch PB360C Power Box Technical Specifications

Radio NameBosch PB360C Power Box
Power SourceBattery
Weight24 pounds

Bosch PB360C Power Box Review

The most advanced radio from Bosch, the PB360C Power Box, is a beast. This extremely loud radio is the heaviest one from Bosch and comes with a rugged roll cage. The cage is made of metal and a protective rubber casing. The cage is designed to protect the radio from any worksite impact that can lead to physical damage. With four-way power outlets, the radio is designed to be weatherproof to withstand any working conditions.

  • Sound will not stop when you plug in another device for charging.
  • Robust build quality.
  • Powerful Bluetooth having 150 feet range.
  • 4-way speakers and a subwoofer.
  • Protective metal cage and aluminum shield to make the radio weatherproof.
  • It is very loud, which is perfect for noisy jobsites.
  • It doubles up as a power strip.
  • It is very heavy.
  • The rechargeable batteries are expensive.
  • It doesn’t include an SD card slot.
  • The media door isn’t big enough for all types of phones.

The protective aluminum shield reinforcement allows the radio to stay safe from water, dust, etc.

The four directional speakers deliver loud and punchy stereo sound in all directions. As an additional treat, Bosch added a premium subwoofer to the PB360C. Because of its ability to pump out loud 360° sound, it is a preferred choice for noisy job sites.

The Power Box has a robust digital tuner and a well-lit display that allows easy readability at night. The display is big enough so that you can see the main digits from a distance of at least 2 meters.

Bluetooth-enabled, the Power Box can connect with any smart device that has Bluetooth capabilities. For instance, you can use your smartphone or the MP3 player from a distance of up to 150 feet. The radio also allows streaming internet channels and even plays music stored in other compatible devices.

The Bosch PB360C Power Box Jobsite radio also comes with options for controlling treble and bass levels. It has an equalizer function too.

The device has several built-in outlets that will allow you to plug in tools and appliances that use 10 amps or less.

The Power Box requires 18V rechargeable Bosch batteries, but they don’t come in the package. You need to purchase them separately. If you want, you can also plug in the radio to a 120V AC outlet.

#2. Sangean TB-100 Digital Radio – Best Reception

Sangean TB-100 jobsite radio

Sangean TB-100 Technical Specifications

Radio NameSangean TB-100
Power SourceBattery
Weight6.9 pounds

Sangean TB-100 Jobsite Radio Review

  • Durable ABS plastic construction.
  • Shock, dust, and impact-resistant speakers.
  • It has roll-cage protection.
  • Comes with four rechargeable alkaline batteries.
  • Has Aux in to support compatible devices.
  • Extremely good reception.
  • No Bluetooth.
  • No USB and SD Card slot.

The Sangean TB-100 Ultra Rugged Digital Radio is known for providing the best reception in its category. Its compact, utility-style design and super-rugged build make it a perfect choice for job sites and camping. The Sangean TB-100 is an AM/FM tuner with 10 preset memories. It has a flexible antenna that gives a very strong reception that is way better than any conventional radio. It comes with a large backlit display (LCD) that allows easy readability from a distance. The large speaker is powerful enough to give clear sounds even in a noisy work environment.

You can hook it up with any AC or DC power source, but if that is not possible, you can use four alkaline batteries. Sangean packs in four rechargeable batteries along with the radio. The AC power cord that is attached to the device is 9 feet long.

It has an auxiliary input that will allow you to hook up your iPhone/iPod, MP3 player, CD Player, etc. and play music directly from them.

As far as the build quality is concerned, it has an ABS plastic construction, making it ultra-rugged.

The speaker is large and loud. Besides, the speaker is shock, dust, and water-resistant. The Sangean TB-100 comes with roll-cage protection, ensuring that the radio is completely impact-resistant.

#3. Makita XRM09B – Maximum Streaming Options

Makita XRM09B bluetooth jobsite radio

Makita XRM09B Technical Specifications

Radio NameMakita XRM09B
Power SourceBattery
Weight12.54 pounds

Makita XRM09B Jobsite Radio Review

Makita XRM09B Jobsite Radio is a combination of a radio, a music system, and a streaming device. At 12 pounds, the Makita XRM09B is a beast with a powerful speaker and a heavy-duty build quality. It comes equipped with the latest Bluetooth standards and sports a very stylish EQ as well. The XRM09B comes with a mobility-friendly design despite its weight. The rugged handle makes lifting and carrying around pretty easy.

  • It has a very unique design and comes with sturdy build quality.
  • It is dust and water-resistant.
  • It is compatible with TSTAK modules.
  • It is equipped with a very sophisticated audio module.
  • It comes with Bluetooth capabilities.
  • It can charge a wide range of Dewalt batteries.
  • The battery life is short.
  • The radio cannot charge batteries.
  • The battery is not included.

Makita has put in a lot of design work to make the radio aesthetically pleasing. The reverse-contrast display of the radio takes center stage and quickly changes color depending on the selected EQ.

The operating buttons are neatly arranged in rows above and below the display. These rubber buttons are large enough to allow easy operation even when you are wearing gloves.

One row of buttons gives access to alarm controls, source and power while the other row gives the station presets. The front panel also sports a large volume knob, an AUX jack, and a 5V USB charging port.

The XRM09B has surprisingly good audio capacity. It doesn’t display any sound distortion even when you crank the volume all the way up to the maximum level. To improve the performance of the radio in a noisy jobsite environment, Makita has thrown in a powerful subwoofer. Both the mid-range and the high-range speakers give excellent performance.

However, the radio is plagued by a shorter battery life of up to 18 hours because of the subwoofer. The previous model at 10 pounds had a battery life of up to 35 hours because of the absence of the subwoofer.

If you use the integrated Bluetooth, the battery life will be cut short even further. The good thing, however, is that the monster can be powered by hooking it up to an AC power outlet.

If you want to power this thing up using a battery, it will work with Makita’s 18V or 14.4V or 12V rechargeable batteries. However, if you are expecting that the radio will charge the batteries, you will be disappointed.

The battery is not included in the package. You have to purchase it separately. Do keep in mind that the price is pretty high for the battery.

Encased in a roll-cage, the Makita XRM09B has a robust build and comes with a water-resistant and dust-resistant body that has an IP65 rating, making it a perfect choice for harsh jobsite working conditions.

#4. Dewalt DWST17510 – Best TSTAK Compatibility

Dewalt DWST17510 sleek jobsite radio

Dewalt DWST17510 Technical Specifications

Radio NameDewalt DWST17510
Power SourceBattery
Weight17.16 pounds

Dewalt DWST17510 Jobsite Radio Review

The first glance at Dewalt DWST17510 will give you an impression of some sleek briefcase or a toolbox. You need to look closely to understand that it is a radio. This 17.16-pound radio comes with a very sturdy handle that makes it very easy to move around despite its weird shape. You should go for this particular model if you heavily use TSTAK compatible modules. Because of the using shape of the radio, you can quickly stack it with other modules, thanks to the side latches.

The overall design is very sturdy. The dials, buttons, screen, etc. are all securely placed inside the casing. Dewalt did an exceptional job of making the radio water and dust resistant. It comes with an IP65 rating, making it a perfect companion for any jobsite use.

The DWST17510 has exceptional sound quality. There are four speakers that are placed in four corners of the radio. All speakers are HD speakers that perform extremely well, even at max volume setting.

The audio quality improves even further because of the integrated assisted bass resonator and a high-quality subwoofer.

Dewalt has thrown in a beautiful design touch by integrating a full-color touchscreen that allows for audio control. This screen flips out from the center console. Well, it looks really nice, but it lacks practical application. It becomes really difficult to operate the touchscreen if you are using gloves or if your hands are wet.

It has Bluetooth capabilities. The Bluetooth chipset used in the model allows 3.0 audio compatibility and 4.0 BLE compatibility for all connected devices.

In simple English, you can use the technology to play your favorite song library, podcasts, talks, shows, etc. and control the device using your mobile phone.

The big problem with the radio is its weak radio reception, and it has no support for the AM band.

You can use the Dewalt DWST17510 for charging batteries. It can charge the Dewalt 12V, 20V, and 60V Li-ion batteries very quickly. You can use the same batteries for powering the radio.

Unfortunately, the radio is a battery hog compared to most of the other jobsite radios. If you run out of battery juice, you can always go ahead and use the power cable to hook it up with an AC outlet.

  • It offers crystal-clear sound.
  • It comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • It has a very durable build quality.
  • It has an advanced EQ feature.
  • Despite its weight, the unique handle design allows easy mobility.
  • The audio console is a bit impractical for jobsite use.
  • It is a battery hog.
  • The model is quite expensive.
  • The storage compartment is very small, and it is not suitable for storing large phones and even MP3 players.

#5. Milwaukee 2792-20 M18 – Best Storage Space

Milwaukee 2792-20 M18 durable jobsite radio

Milwaukee 2792-20 M18 Technical Specifications

Radio NameMilwaukee 2792-20 M18
Power SourceBattery
Weight17 pounds

Milwaukee 2792-20 M18 Review

This jobsite radio is designed to be durable. At 17 pounds, the radio is quite heavy, but it sports three handles that allow for easy transport. It has a very boxy design with the front panel sporting a large LCD screen and big buttons that can be used even when you are wearing gloves. The backlit LCD panel sits right on the top of large buttons and large dial. Underneath the buttons, the remaining space is taken up by the large speaker. On the backside, you will get the signature bottle opener that is available with all Milwaukee radios.

It comes with a roll-cage protector that protects most of the exterior. There are no outlets that are exposed. However, what is disturbing is that the exterior material looks and feels cheap.

Equipped with Bluetooth technology, the Milwaukee 2792-20 M18 boast a hundred-feet range, which is greater than most of the jobsite radios that you will find today. You can use Bluetooth for streaming internet radio stations.

If you want, you can hook up your MP3 player, smartphone, etc. to the radio using the AUX-in feature. It also comes with an AM/FM tuner.

Right on the top of the radio is a large storage compartment that is good enough to hold even large phones, MP3 players, etc.

However, despite its great looks, the radio is not really that great when it comes to sound quality. There is no subwoofer, but there are two tweeters and two mid-range speakers that aren’t of great help when it comes to the bass. The weak bass leaves a lot to desire.

Given its large size, you will generally expect the sound to go very high, but that is not what you get. So, the radio isn’t really ideal for a large jobsite.

You can run the radio by hooking it up with any AC outlet. You can alternatively use the M18 batteries from Milwaukee. What’s good is that you can use the device to charge the batteries when you use it with an AC outlet.

What is commendable about the radio is that when you use it for charging batteries, it will not compromise on the sound quality. That’s good, because the sound quality isn’t so great, and any further degradation would have been really bad!

The radio comes with two USB ports that you can use for charging mobile devices or for playing digital music files.

  • It comes with several streaming options.
  • The radio comes with built-in battery chargers.
  • The storage drawer is quite big.
  • There are three handles for carrying around the bulky radio.
  • It has a Bluetooth range of 100 feet.
  • The control panel is big and comfortable to use.
  • It comes with the signature bottle-opener.
  • The sound quality is mediocre.
  • The body build quality feels slightly cheap.
  • The radio doesn’t have any AC outlets for using Milwaukee power tools.

#6. Sangean U4 – Best Sound Quality

Sangean U4 jobsite radio with best audio quality

Sangean U4 Technical Specifications

Radio NameSangean U4
Power SourceBattery
Weight10.69 pounds

Sangean U4 Jobsite Radio Review

If you are not very concerned about the loudness, but more concerned about the quality of the sound output, the Sangean U4 will be a treat for your ears. That doesn’t mean that the U4 is not loud. It is! But, if you try to compare it to Bosch PB360C in terms of loudness, Bosch will win.

While the sound quality is definitely its biggest selling point, it also boasts a host of features that can leave you confused if you are not so techy!

When it comes to the sound quality, this heavy-duty jobsite radio overs a very powerful base with clear highs and mids! Its sound quality allowed it to grab the 2020’s award for the best sound quality among jobsite radios.

Talking of features, you will get a built-in alarm clock, a system to warn you of bad weather, an AUX port, a battery charger, treble, and rotary bass control, 1A USB power port that you can use for charging music and portable devices when they are turned off, and more.

What’s good is that all these functions are easy to use because of the great design layout. Apart from that, the U4 runs on D batteries. You can easily replace them, and they aren’t very expensive. If you are using rechargeable D batteries, you can charge them by hooking up the D4 to any wall AC outlet.

The Sangean U4 is hardy! It is designed to take most of the impacts that radio can take in any jobsite. It has a rugged roll-cage made of hard plastic. On top of that, it is both water and dust resistant. It comes with IP64 certification.

The unit is quite heavy. At 14 pounds, moving around the radio can be difficult. However, if you are willing to carry the load, the top handle of the roll-cage will allow you to do that with ease.

  • It has a very sturdy build quality.
  • It is weather resistant.
  • It has NOAA weather alert.
  • It is capable of charging D batteries.
  • It is feature-rich.
  • It has one of the best sound qualities among jobsite radios.
  • It comes with Bluetooth capabilities.
  • It is heavy.
  • It is loud, but not very loud.

#7. Ryobi P746 One+ – Best Warranty

Ryobi P746 One+ portable jobsite radio

Ryobi P746 One+ Technical Specifications

Radio NameRyobi P746 One+
Power SourceBattery
Weight7 pounds

Ryobi P746 One+ Jobsite Radio Review

At only 7 pounds, the Ryobi P746 comes with a modern design and a host of features that make it a suitable option for carrying around. The sound quality is fairly good, but I cannot call it to be excellent. The unit has great support for mobile devices. However, if your jobsite demands a rugged radio build quality capable of absorbing impacts, the Ryobi P746 One+ is never the right choice. It lacks a protective roll-cage, and it looks very fragile. Accidental drops will unexpected impacts that can cause damage to the unit.

On top of that, the material used for the casing looks and feels a bit cheap. Fortunately, however, the housing is sturdy enough.

What about the features? It is packed with a Bluetooth chipset that you can use for streaming music directly from your phone. Unfortunately, the Bluetooth is not strong enough as it starts dropping only 50 feet away from the device.

The P746 One+ will allow you to save 10 FM and 10 AM radio presets. That’s good enough to save most of your radio channels.

What’s unusual about the unit is that instead of giving you and AUX-in port, it gives you an AUX-out port. So, if you want, you can reproduce the sound on another speaker or device. I don’t know how it is going to help!

There is a USB charging port as well that spews out 2 amps of power. So, you expect the radio to charge your mobile devices and media players quite fast, actually faster than other jobsite radios.

You can operate the unit by either plugging it into the wall outlet or by power it up using Ryobi 18V One+ batteries that will give you 30 playback hours. You should know that several users have actually reported battery drain even when the radio is not in use.

As I said earlier, the overall build quality is not that great. In fact, the radio doesn’t even cover the USB and the AUX-out ports. Even the handle for picking up and holding the device is not protected with any rubber shield of sorts.

When it comes to the overall sound quality, do not expect it to be great. The quality of sound is quite average. It is not even very loud. There are four bass ports (precision-tuned) that make the radio somewhat loud but at the cost of often drowning the high notes and the mid notes.

In fact, the overall radio is not at all suitable for a large worksite. If you want something personal, Ryobi P746 One+ might be a good choice.

  • It is a lightweight radio.
  • It has a very spacious media tray that can hold large phones.
  • It comes with very long battery life.
  • It has an AUX-out port that allows reproducing sound on other speakers.
  • It comes with a 2A USB charging port that allows for fast charging.
  • The sound quality is very mediocre.
  • The build quality is not good.
  • There is no AUX-in port.
  • The Bluetooth range is not good.

#8. Makita RM02 – Best Pocket-Sized Jobsite Radio

Makita RM02 pocket jobsite radio

Makita RM02 Technical Specifications

Radio NameMakita RM02
Power SourceBattery
Weight1 pound

Makita RM02 Compact Jobsite Radio Review

If a bulky radio is not your thing, the Makita RM02 should get your attention. This pocket-sized radio is the smallest unit I will be talking about on this list. With a surprisingly good audio quality, easy control, and an excellent tuner, the Makita RM02 boasts a simple design. The two powerful speakers on the front deliver rich stereo sound. On top of the radio is a panel of five buttons that will allow you to save your favorite radio stations. It allows saving 10 different AM/FM stations using those buttons.

The tuning option is also set on the top of the radio. Look at the corner for the tuning wheel. It is somewhat hidden. A pair of indents on the top will allow you to attach a strap. A large LCD screen sits on the front. The screen is not backlit. So, daytime usage may be a problem.

On the rear side of the radio is a folding, rotating hook that you can use for hanging the radio. You can find an AUX port on the side of the radio for attaching your mobile or MP3 player to listen to your favorite playlist. Oh, did I mention that you can enjoy private listening with the integrated earphone jack?

When it comes to the sound quality, the two speakers sitting behind the speaker shield are not capable of loud sound output like that of Bosch or Sangean U4 counterparts, but they are surprisingly loud.

The great thing about the speakers is that even at max volume, there is no drop in sound quality. The integrated antenna is surprisingly good with reception, partly because of its ability to rotate.

The RM02 is not weather-resistant! The build quality is good. Yes, there is no protective roll-cage or any shield to keep the radio protected from substantial impacts, but given the size of the radio and its purpose to serve as a pocket radio, the RM02 can withstand a few accidental drops (at least, it feels so).

No, there is no Bluetooth capability, but given its size and purpose, expecting a Bluetooth chipset is not an ideal expectation!

The radio runs on batteries. You can attach a 2 amp-hour or a 4 amp-hour 12V CXT battery from Makita. If you are hooking up a 4 amp-hour battery, you can get a whopping 30 hours of runtime.

  • It is a very compact and pocket-sized radio.
  • For its small size, it is surprisingly loud.
  • The quality of sound is excellent.
  • The integrated antenna gives good reception.
  • It has a decent build quality.
  • It has an earphone jack for private listening.
  • There is no Bluetooth option.
  • It is not suitable for heavy-duty work environments.
  • Doesn’t include the battery and the charger, making it slightly expensive.
  • It is not suitable for very noisy jobsite environments.

#9. Milwaukee 2590-20 M12 – Small but Great Sound

Milwaukee 2590-20 M12 small and sturdy jobsite radio

Milwaukee 2590-20 M12 Technical Specifications

Radio NameMilwaukee 2590-20 M12
Power SourceBattery
Weight5.94 pounds

Milwaukee 2590-20 M12 Radio Review

In case you are looking for a portable radio with great sound quality and decent build quality, the Milwaukee 2590-20 M12 is an option that you need to look at.

The Milwaukee 2590-20 M12 is only 10.5 inches tall and sports a shock-resistant body. There are two speakers protected by aluminum mesh. The speakers are also water-resistant.

Between the two speakers sits the flip-down storage space where you can place your devices. However, space is not very big. So, you can keep only smaller smartphones. On the top is the LCD screen with multiple buttons, including the volume control.

It is quite portable, but Milwaukee threw in two rubber handles on either side of the radio to increase its portability.

You can run the 2590-20 M12 using the power jack on the back, but do remember that it will not charge the battery that you can place inside the radio. Yes, you can run the radio using a 12V Li-ion battery. Though you cannot use anything other than a 12V battery, the good news is that the 12V Li-ion battery is cheap.

The audio quality is great compared to the size. Of course, if you are thinking that it will give extreme sound clarity, that is not going to happen. It can only get quite loud with decent clarity.

A black polymer coating encases the radio, protecting it from bumps and other impacts. It is more or less weather-resistant, but I will never recommend taking it out into extreme conditions.

Finally, the radio reception is not too great, as claimed by Milwaukee. They say that they have an exclusive digital tuner that gives better reception compared to other jobsite radios. Unfortunately, I did see anything like that. There were occasional drops in both AM and FM reception.

  • It is compact, lightweight, and portable.
  • For its size, it is surprisingly loud.
  • It is decently durable.
  • The sound quality is not great.
  • The radio receiver is of mediocre quality.
  • Buttons are quite small.

#10. Dewalt DC012 – Great for General Use

Dewalt DC012 jobsite radio

Dewalt DC012 Technical Specifications

Radio NameDewalt DC012
Power SourceCordless-Electric
Weight14 pounds

Dewalt DC012 Jobsite Radio Review

In addition to radio with good looks, the Dewalt DC012 doubles up as a battery charger. Weighing 14 pounds, the radio is capable of charging Dewalt 7.2-18V Li-ion batteries. You can use these batteries to power up the radio or any other power tool from Dewalt. Aesthetically, the radio is quite pleasing. On the front, the backlit display sits right in the middle, and it is flanked by two speakers – one on each side. The large dials on the top and the big rubber control buttons on the front allow for easy handling.

A shock-absorbing plastic cage encases the radio, protecting it from accidental falls and other physical damages.

On the side, Dewalt has included three electrical outlets. The combined rating of the three outlets is 10 amps. So, you can connect only phone chargers, work lights, and other small tools.

The DC012 can charge the rechargeable Dewalt batteries in about 60 minutes or less, and it can use the same fully-charged batteries to run for up to 8 hours. The radio can also run from and electrical outlet.

The audio quality for Dewalt DC012 is what people will call ‘Okay.’ Though it has a very strong bass, its treble and mid-range are not that great. Overall, the audio quality is decent for any jobsite environment.

The sound is quite loud and is perfectly suitable for noisy environments. The good thing is that if you crank up the volume all the way to maximum, there will be no distortion.

The radio comes with an AUX input, which is the only option available if you want to hook up your phone or MP3 player with it. In case you want to go the wireless way, you can buy a separate Bluetooth adapter.

The radio doesn’t come with any personal music library. You can feel the pain, can’t you! Yes, that’s a big problem. However, the DC012 makes up for it with an 11-inch flexible antenna that offers great reception over long distances. However, if you get out of the urban area, the AM reception can get a bit patchy.

  • The radio comes with a classic and user-friendly design.
  • It has a powerful bass that is great for jobsite use.
  • It has three electrical outlets that will allow you to hook up small tools.
  • It can charge Dewalt batteries.
  • There is no sound distortion at max volume.
  • It comes with an 11-inch flexible antenna that has good long-range reception.
  • The mid-range audio is pretty weak.
  • There is no Bluetooth connectivity.
  • There is no smartphone storage drawer.
  • It is not good for jobsites outside the city because of bad AM reception.

#11. Porter-Cable PCC771B Bluetooth Radio

Porter-Cable PCC771B bluetooth jobsite radio

Porter-Cable PCC771B Technical Specifications

Radio NamePorter-Cable PCC771B
Power SourceBattery
Weight3.2 pounds

Porter-Cable PCC771B Bluetooth Jobsite Review

With two premium speakers that deliver clear sound, the Porter-Cable PCC771B Bluetooth radio is a portable radio that is perfect for less-noisy jobsite environments. If you are expecting a loud sound, you will be disappointed. It comes complete with Bluetooth technology for wireless connection and streaming, but you can also go ahead and hook in your mobile or MP3 player using the AUX-in port.

The radio will allow you to customize the equalizer simply by adjusting the bass and treble. The reception quality of the PCC771B is decent enough compared to its size. You can enjoy both AM and FM radios.

  • Small, lightweight, and highly portable.
  • Bluetooth-enabled unit.
  • Allows customizing equalizer.
  • High-quality speakers for clear sound.
  • The sound is not very loud.
  • The power cord is not of high quality.
  • The unit cannot charge batteries.

#12. Sangean LB-100 Ultra Rugged Compact Radio

Sangean LB-100 rugged jobsite radio

Sangean LB-100 Technical Specifications

Radio NameSangean LB-100
Power SourceBattery
Weight6.8 pounds

Sangean LB-100 Review

With incredibly easy operation and a rugged design, the Sangean LB-10 Ultra is a great jobsite radio for those who are looking for a unit that can perform great in a noisy work environment.

Made of sturdy ABS plastic and featuring roll-cage protection, the Sangean LB-100 gives good reception. It allows both AM and FM reception, and even allows to save 5 presets for each band.

The unit comes with rotary tuning and volume control. There is a pivoting antenna for easy use and clear reception. The large backlit screen gives clear readability for everyone.

The radio is both shock-resistant and water-resistant. It is even dust resistant. Yes, there is a Bluetooth capability available, but that’s quite faulty and refuses to connect most of the time.

You can power up the radio using either C batteries (you will need 4 of them), or use the 2.7-meter long cable to hook it up with any AC power outlet.

  • There are six equalizer presets with a bass boost.
  • The unit is very sturdy.
  • It comes with JIS4-standard waterproofing.
  • It has a large screen.
  • Bluetooth is faulty.
  • The antenna is too short for good reception.
  • The battery is not included.

#13. Dewalt 20V Max Bluetooth Jobsite Radio

Dewalt 20V Max jobesite radio with bluetooth

Dewalt 20V Max Technical Specifications

Radio NameDewalt 20V Max
Power SourceBattery
Weight15 pounds

Dewalt 20V Max Review

The Dewalt 20V Max Bluetooth Jobsite Radio can work with both wall AC outlet and 20V/60V FLEXVOLT Dewalt batteries. When you plug the radio to a wall outlet, it can charge the batteries. That’s always an added advantage.

The radio comes with Bluetooth for pairing your other Bluetooth-enabled devices for seamless music streaming.

The Bluetooth on this radio is powerful enough to detect other Bluetooth devices from a distance of 100 feet. You can also connect your other devices using 2.1 USB and AUX ports.  The radio comes with two AC power outlets as well.

  • The sound quality is great.
  • It can charge the batteries.
  • It has powerful Bluetooth connectivity.
  • There is a large compartment for keeping the phone or other devices.
  • Radio performance drops while charging other devices.
  • Electrical circuits are a bit fragile.
  • The radio is not water or dust resistant.

#14. Ryobi P742 One+ Compact Radio – Average Performance

Ryobi P742 One+ radio for jobsite

Ryobi P742 One+ Technical Specifications

Radio NameRyobi P742 One+
Power SourceBattery
Weight2 pounds

Ryobi P742 One+ Review

I will not call it a radio with a powerful speaker. I will rather call it a speaker with an additional feature of a radio that doesn’t really perform so great. This cordless unit from Ryobi can operate only on batteries. Unfortunately, I don’t see how this feature is a great option because when you use the unit for wireless streaming, the batteries last for only 6 hours. Use the FM/AM radio, and the runtime will come down to a meager 2 hours.

Talking of streaming, the unit is Bluetooth-enabled. It also comes with a USB port and an AUX input port.

The radio is not very loud, and the sound gets easily drowned around heavy machinery and noisy jobsites.

The Ryobi P742 One+ is a perfect companion if you are working in a relatively silent jobsite with limited work hours.

  • Allows Bluetooth connectivity.
  • It has USB and AUX-in connectivity options as well.
  • It is compact and affordable.
  • The sound quality is not so great. It is not even very loud.
  • It operates only on battery. The battery life is not so great.
  • It doesn’t include the battery and the charger. You need to buy the battery and the charger separately.

#15. Ridgid R84087 – Allows Remote Operation

Ridgid R84087 jobsite radio with remote operation

Ridgid R84087 Technical Specifications

Radio NameRidgid R84087
Power SourceCorded and Battery
Weight10.93 pounds

Ridgid R84087 Jobsite Radio Review

This weather-resistant radio comes with the ability of remote operation using the integrated Bluetooth technology. You will need the Ridgid app installed on your smartphone for remote operation.

The app is sophisticated enough to allow you to tune the radio and even change the mix. It comes with a nice compartment for keeping your MP3 player or smartphone.

Complete with Bluetooth, AUX-in, AM/FM radio, USB charging, the Ridgid R84087 comes with a rugged casing that protects the radio from jobsite hazards.

You can power up the radio using a Ridgid 18V battery or using the AC cord that is attached to the device.

  • It has a solid build quality.
  • It is equipped with Bluetooth, AM/FM, AUX-in, and USB.
  • It allows remote control with the Ridgid app.
  • The battery is not included in the package.
  • It is pricey, considering that there is no battery included.

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In the end, remember to read the FAQ segment. It will help.

How to Choose the Best Jobsite Radio?: Buyers’ Guide

You need to understand that there are too many options when it comes to choosing a jobsite radio. All of them have their strengths and weaknesses. You will find radios that come with high recommendations, and at the same time, some people will go to the extent of cursing themselves for buying the unit.

This can be baffling. The truth is that people who are complaining about the performance did not gauge their requirements properly. This led to a bad experience. You need not be that person.

Here is a quick checklist of things that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a jobsite radio.

Do you need weatherproof Jobsite Radio?

To answer this question, you need to simply answer one question – where do you work? If your worksite or jobsite involves a lot of dust, water, etc. you will need a jobsite radio that comes with proper weatherproofing. This will ensure longevity of your Jobsite Radio.

Loudness of Jobsite Radio

The noise conditions of job sites differ significantly. If you are working in a place with heavy machinery, or if you are working in a noisy construction site, you will definitely need a very loud radio, and at the same time, maintains good sound quality when cranked up to the highest volume setting.

You need to understand that loudness is a different thing, while the quality and clarity of sound is another thing. Some radios will achieve both loudness and quality. Some will achieve loudness but compromise on quality. There will be a few that will focus on quality, but compromise on sound. Choose carefully!

Features and functions of the Jobsite Radio

It can become dicey here. You need to assess your needs. Do you need to connect your device to the radio for streaming your favorite music? If so, your radio should have at least an AUX-in port. Bluetooth and USB are added advantages.

If you are more of a radio-person who prefers tuning in to different stations, you should focus on a radio which has a powerful antenna that you can rotate 360 degrees to improve reception.

If you need to charge your devices while playing music, the radio you buy should have the ability to not only charging your device but also ensure that the sound quality doesn’t degrade while charging.

If you want a radio that you can use to powerup smaller tools, make sure that the radio has AC power outlets.

The bottom line, what you buy, will depend on what you need. Don’t buy something that you don’t need. You will be disappointed.

Protection Of The Jobsite Radio

If your jobsite is full of hazards, it is better that you take a radio which comes with roll-cage protection. This will ensure that your radio survives unexpected impacts and sudden drops. If you are working in a relatively calmer working condition with fewer hazards, a simple pocket radio will work great!

Your Budget

Finally, your budget will define what you get from the radio. If you expect a lot of features and high-end sound quality, you have to shell out a lot of money. There is a saying – “the more sugar you add, the sweeter your tea becomes.”

Jobsite Radio FAQ

Now that you know how to buy a radio, and you also went through our top 17 picks on best Jobsite radios, here is a set of interesting questions that people ask from time-to-time. I thought you should know the answers to these questions.

Who makes the best jobsite radio?

There is no right or wrong answer here. The one that works best for you will be the best manufacturer for you. Some prefer Bosch, others will like Dewalt. Some people will prefer Makita or Milwaukee. Let me repeat – there is no right answer here. For instance, I prefer Bosch. You can check the list of the best Jobsite radios here.

Can jobsite radios charge mobile devices?

Yes, many Yes, many of the top Jobsite radios can charge your mobile devices once you hook them up to a USB port. So, you will need a USB port on the radio to achieve that. can charge your mobile devices once you hook them up to a USB port. So, you will need a USB port on the radio to achieve that.

Is a jobsite radio different from a worksite radio?

No, there’s no difference between a worksite radio and Jobsite radio. Both terms refer to the same thing. People often use them interchangeably. Check out all the best Worksite radios.

Can jobsite radios charge the batteries?

Yes, several jobsite radios can quickly charge the batteries when you hook the radio to an AC wall outlet. Once you unplug the radio from the wall outlet, the radio will operate using the batteries.

Can I use a jobsite radio for camping?

Of course, you can! Just ensure that you have proper battery backup. Usually, outdoor camping will not provide you with an AC wall outlet to power up your radio. So, if you are planning on camping for a long, you should have a radio that gives long battery life, or at least, you should have fully-charged spare batteries.

Can I take jobsite radios to a beach?

No one is stopping you from doing that. However, do understand that though some jobsite radios come with weatherproofing, they are designed only to resist some dust and a few water splashes here and there. You cannot expect them to withstand large waves breaking on the beach. So, keep your radio at a safe distance, or on higher ground.

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