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Build a 40’ Antenna Mast at Home [DIY Guide]

DIY Guide to Build a 40’ Antenna Mast

Having an antenna mast of your own provides several great benefits, whether you are a radio hobbyist or just looking to save money on cable and TV bills. 

The best thing? You can actually learn how to build your own 40′ antenna mast.

To build a 40’ antenna mast, you will need to:

  • Gather all materials beforehand
  • Find and level a good spot for the antenna
  • Build the base of the antenna and fill it with cement
  • Build the center pivot point
  • Using the winch and pulley, raise the mast of the antenna
  • Cover your antenna using fiber glass tubes

If you have any prior experience with antennas, installing a 40’ antenna mast should be no issue. 

If you are new, this guide will help you understand how to build it from the ground up and what to expect from your new 40′ antenna mast.  

How to Build a 40’ Antenna Mast?

Let’s be clear building a 40′ antenna mast is a lot of work. Still, for those who are considering one, there are many benefits from building an antenna mast that typically outweighs the undertaking of building one. 

Here are the building materials you will need, if not working with a kit:

  • Aluminum Tube
  • Heavy-Gauge Steel Posts/Tubes
  • Fiberglass Tubes
  • Tube Connectors
  • Steel Wire
  • Wire Clips
  • Winch and Pulley System
  • U Bolts and U Hooks
  • Metal Rebars
  • Cement
  • Steel Bolts, Nuts, Washers
  • Shovel
  • Grounding Rod

As you can see, building a 40’ antenna mast will take a lot of materials that are not typically cheap. Additional costs to consider are labor from those helping you, the amount of land the antenna is going to take up, and the time and effort of actually building it. 

Now that you know what materials you need, it is time to start the actual building process. The process has roughly six main steps that can help you get your antenna mast up and running. Before building your antenna mast, you should ensure that you have the proper safety equipment since you are using rough materials. 

Here are the six steps of building your antenna mast.

  • Ensure you have all of your materials to make the building process go faster.
  • Decide on a place you want to build your antenna. 
  • Using your materials, build the base of the antenna and fill with cement.
  • Build the center pivot point.
  • Using the winch and pulley system, raise the mast of the antenna.
  • Cover and protect your antenna using fiberglass tubes.

As with any project, there are pros and cons of having an antenna mast as a source of entertainment and communication. You should always test your area to see if an antenna mast will perform to your expectations before spending the time and money required to build one.

Steps to Build a 40’ Antenna Mast

Now that we have covered what you need to build an antenna mast, let’s get into the specific details to help you build your own. Depending on the type of antenna mast you are building, these steps may differ. 

Here are the steps to build a tilt-over 40’ antenna mast.

Collect All of Your Materials

The most crucial step is to make sure that you have all of the materials you need to build your 40′ antenna mast. 

Having the materials listed below on hand will help you expedite the process. Also, depending on where you live, you may also be able to keep costs lower by buying your products all at one retailer.

Choose an Area to Build Your Antenna

You want to make sure you have a large area for your antenna to live long. Since the antenna will be able to pivot at the center point, you also need to have enough room for it to be able to lay down. The area should also be free from trees or buildings to help the signal of the antenna as well as to have plenty of building space.

Build Your Antenna Base

Building the base is not technically challenging but rather time and energy-consuming:

  • First, dig the hole for the antenna base. This hole needs to be at least 3 feet across.
  • Place the metal rebar inside of the hole
  • Place the metal tubes/posts into the hole at least 1 foot deep in the middle of the hole. 
  • You should also place your grounding point at this time as well, making sure part of the pole or rod is firmly on the ground outside of the hole.
  • Lastly, put the U bolt washers into the hole to securely attach the pulley at a later step. These should be next to the steep posts/tubes that you place earlier. 
  • Once the washers are in place, fill the hole entirely with concrete and leave it to dry. Make sure there is no rain in the forecast to ensure the concrete cures correctly.

Install the Center Section

Now that your concrete is dry, it is time to start installing the center section of the antenna mast:

  • Using your aluminum tube, drill a hole into the tube at least five feet from the tube’s bottom. 
  • After drilling a hole into the steel posts you inserted earlier at around six feet, insert a U-bolt into both the aluminum and steel tubes. 
  • Add the wing nut and tightly secure.  

Set Up and Use Your Winch and Pulley System

Considering the size of the mast, a winch and pulley are a tremendous asset to the building process. 

  • Attach the pulley to the U hooks you placed earlier
  • Depending on the winch you use, it may instruct you to secure at specific areas, so be sure to read how to use yours prior to drilling and attaching anything. 
  • With the steel wire from your tool list, use the winch system to pull and secure the mast upright. 
  • Ensure that your mast stays by using the wire clip

Finish Your Antenna Mast

Now that your mast is ready to go, it is time to finish it off and protect your investment. 

  • Depending on the construction of your specific mast, you’ll likely need to prepare the fiberglass tubes. Cut them in half or cut a slot in the back to allow them to fit over the aluminum poles.
  • Attach the fiberglass tubes over the aluminum tubes. It’s best to use a bolted clamp, since drilling too many holes through the aluminum support poles can weaken them.
  • While securing these, you want to make sure they do not move too much

These fiberglass tubes are important for both securing and protecting the antenna from harsh weather, environmental conditions, and curious animals (or people!).

Enjoying Your New 40’ Antenna Mast

For many people, an antenna mast is a means of entertainment and a means of communication with others. Although building an antenna mast can be quite pricy, they are typically more affordable than buying a prefabricated option or trying to get service to your location. 

By using the simple steps included in this article, you will know the basics of building your own antenna mast. 

Here is a quick reminder of the steps.

  • Ensure you have all of your materials to make the building process go faster.
  • Decide on a place you want to build your antenna. 
  • Using your materials, build the base of the antenna and fill it with cement.
  • Build the center pivot point.
  • Using the winch and pulley system, raise the mast of the antenna.
  • Cover and protect your antenna using fiberglass tubes.

It is always important to remember to wear safety gear and have someone help you with a project of this magnitude. Your antenna mast can continue to provide lasting support and signal to your property with proper building and protection.


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